Explore the benefits of an Amway business

With the support of Amway, you can build a business that fits around your lifestyle. Work when you want, where you want and as much as you want – you have the flexibility to shape your own business.
With the support of Amway, you can build a business that fits around your lifestyle. Work when you want, where you want and as much as you want – you have the flexibility to shape your own business.

The Amway Business opportunity

Starting a business is straightforward with Amway

The Amway business concept is simple. As an independent business owner you will enjoy Amway’s high-quality products in your life, sell them to others and build relationships with people to help them start their own business. 

There are three ways to earn money and rewards:

Retail margin

For every purchase that a customer that is registered with you makes, you will earn a retail margin. By referring the customers you can earn a Referral Discount.


The better your business performs, the more rewards you earn. We offer incentives for key achievements, such as extraordinary growth or helping others to succeed. Rewards range from exclusive business trips around the world to one-off cash payments.


Earn performance points on your products sold, and as your business grows, earn points from products sold by other business owners you sponsor.

A tried and tested opportunity

Joining one of the top direct selling companies has many advantages

Starting your own business can be daunting. Many new ventures require significant investments of money and time. Not with Amway. Here, you are joining three million other people using a low-cost, low-risk opportunity for business success.Our numbers speak for themselves. In 2016 alone we reported USD 8,8 billion in global sales. Since 1959 Amway has paid out over USD 53 billion in bonuses and incentives to business owners around the world since.

Every Amway Business Owner is offered the same benefits:

Low risk 

When starting your own business with Amway, you simply pay an initial low registration fee. If you decide within the first 180 days that you do not want to continue, we will refund your registration fee and return your money. 

Low cost

You do not need to make a large investment to set up your business. As a new business owner, you will benefit from a discount coupons. You are in control of ordering products, so you decide when and how much to buy.

Exclusive premium products

Amway offers over 450 exclusive products in four key areas that people use every day – Home, Personal Care, Beauty and Nutrition. Our business is based on the quality of our products, which is why we invest heavily in research and development, including over €315 million in new manufacturing and research facilities in the last four years. We stand behind our products with a satisfaction guarantee*.
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Open to all

No matter your professional background, life experience or education; with passion and hard work you too can run your own successful Amway business. 

Step by step we build success

You are never alone as an Amway Business Owner. We support you every step of the way, providing the level of guidance that is right for you. 

This starts with your personal mentor and sponsor: the person who introduced you to Amway. They can offer advice and tips to help your business grow. 

You will also become part of our experienced professional network. With over three million business owners across the world, our network offers a wide range of expertise and support. 


The Amway Academy offers online training material and courses. Complete training from the comfort of your own home, or take it out and about on your mobile device. You can also participate in scheduled online training with a live trainer.


You will have access to a variety of marketing materials to help you promote Amway products to your clients. Materials include product catalogues, presentations, videos, apps and digital tools.

Control over your business

We have developed a range of tools and apps to help you run your business

Managing your business is easy in my office - simply log in to track and control your orders and sales. You can even calculate your income and projected income. If you are on the move, our mobile business app give you the flexibility to work and manage your business from anywhere.

Be part of one of the world's top direct selling companies

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