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    A gentle gel that deeply cleanses skin and removes make-up, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean.

    What It Does For You

    • Cleanse, tone and refresh in 1 step 
    • Ensures deep skin cleaning, removing make-up, excess oil and impurities
    • Contains cucumber – cooling, calming, packed with antioxidants
    • Leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed, pH balanced without over-drying

    Why You Would Like It

    When it comes to day-to-day skincare, smart and simple solutions are the best. Like this 3-in-1 essentials by Artistry Gel Cleanser, which cleanses, tones and refreshes in one. This water-based, oil-free gel deeply and effectively cleanses and tones your skin to leave it feeling fresh, soft and pH balanced. Its gentle formula combines antioxidant and antimicrobial cucumber with soothing Aloe Vera to help produce a fresh, well- hydrated complexion. It is fast, effective and convenient skincare! 

    Facts For You

    • 97% reduction in oil after 1st usage
    • 84% reduction in oil after 60 minutes

    Key Features

    • Convenient and effective product for morning and evening skincare
    • Light, sulfate-free, foaming formula for gentle removing dirt, oil, residual makeup
    • Helps control oil, reduces shine, leaves skin pH balanced

    How To Use

    • Wet face and hands with warm water.
    • Squeeze an almond-sized amount of cleanser into palm and work into lather.
    • Massage gently over face and neck.
    • Rinse thoroughly.


    • Cucumber - Anti-oxidant and antimicrobial agent
    • Aloe Vera - well-known cooling, soothing ingredient
    • Acerola Cherry extract from the Nutrilite™ Farms - has a very high antioxidant value. It is a rich, natural source of the antioxidant Vitamin C.
    • Extract of Perilla Leaves - a soothing and calming agent derived from natural sources