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    This tea is a quality blend of Assam and Kenyan tea, combined with delicate leaves of other sublime teas. English Breakfast Tea from Amway comes from a carefully selected supplier who cares about their tea workers. They provide homes, fair wages and medical care at specialised hospital facilities within key locations. They create employment in their tea-growing community, helping them learn new skills to develop their confidence and provide a way through education, subsidised food and income to change their life for the better. Our tea supplier is also a member of the Tea Sourcing Partnership.

    • Blend of high-quality tea with delicious flavor  
    • Packed in foiled pouches for ultimate freshness
    • Individual square tea bags – create less waste in the production process and allow improved brew performance as there is greater surface area to the tea. This means that more water gets into the tea leaves and brewing is more even

    Use one tea bag per mug or cup and top up with boiling water. Stir and leave to brew for a minute or so, then remove the bag. Add lemon, milk and/or sugar to taste.